Supercharge your videos

vooPlayer empowers you to amaze your viewers, enables you to have more meaningful interactions and improves how you promote your content.

Capture lead information

Collect email, name & phone number data from your customers while they are watching your video, either by locking the video or showing a form as an overlay.

Create Dynamic Video Funnels

Interactive branching video modules allow for targeted personalized offers, custom answer-based actions as well as a powerful way to collect custom data from viewers.

Automate Email Campaigns

Send automated campaigns to leads, from vooPlayer or through hundreds of available integrations

Get Viral Traffic

Use Watch&Win Contests and share locks to grow traffic to your video exponentially.

Improve SEO Positioning

Embedding vooPlayer on your site helps you rank and look better in search results.

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Understand video engagement

Powerful yet easy to understand enagement heatmaps show which parts of your video are resonating with your audience and which ones are they skipping.

Utilize audience segments

Group your audiences in similar categories, allowing for more effective targeting marketing and detailed understanding.

Detailed Reporting

Generate detailed reports by date, location, device ... as well as get quick actionable metric snapshots

Optimize Videos A/B Testing

Test any two videos, or variations of same video to meassure which one plays, converts or completes best.

Ready to leverage powerful engagement data in order to optimize your videos?

Start running smart, well informed video campaigns and stay ahead of the competition

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Make it yours

Full customization of player colors, control skins, ability to add your watermark ... ensure that viewers know that the video they are seeing is professional and above all yours.

Calls to action that convert

Craft overlay, hotspot and annotation interactions through fully customizable HTML editor or choose one of our proven templates.

Controls manipulation

Disable controls (pause, skip ...), set up autoplay and replay options, limit plays, manipulate time display...

Social Sharing Settings

Specify exactly how you want your video to apear accross different social networks

Your domain, your logo

Your player is yours, we will never put our logo on it and you can use your own website domain.

Make your player look and act in whatever way best suits the context

Reinforce your brand through your videos and build better relationships with your audience though powerful interactions

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Works everywhere, fast!

vooPlayer is works and looks great on all major platforms, social networks, browsers and serves content over a lightning fast cloud delivery network.

Play in the right context

Ability to embed the player, show it in a lightbox, send through email, publish on social networks, ensures your video is played in the most relavent way possible.

Use any source

Create a video by uploading a file, or using any online video link, or by recording yourself from within the application

Optimized resolutions

Uploaded files are converted to a set of resolutions that best matches viewers' connection speed. vooPlayer supports 4K resolution, as well as 360 videos.

Play videos seamlesly, in the best way

Start playing your videos anywhere, in a way that's most relavant at lightning fast speeds.

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Security Encoding®

Uploaded videos are encoded and protected with one-time access tokens in order to prevent your source video from being dowloaded.

Whitelist domains, monitor access

Restrict the ability for your videos to be played only to specific websites, and monitor access from where your video is embedded

Password protect

Specify a password which the viewer must enter correctly in order to watch your video.

Let vooPlayer protect your videos

Stop worrying abour your content being stolen or other websites using it to profit, and focus on producing great content.

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  Video Marketing

  Opt-in Locks
  SMS Locks
  Share Lock
  Pay-per-view Lock
  Watch & Win Contests
  Site & Clients
  Automated Emails
  Scheduled Campaigns
  Pre & Post roll videos
  Ads In Videos
  "Live" Streaming Webinars
  Hundreds of Integrations
  Conversion tracking

  Customization & Interactions

  Calls To Action
  On-Finish Actions
  Splash Screen Poster
  Video Web Page
  Color Themes
  Your Logo
  Pre & Post Roll Videos
  Disable Pause or Skip
  Autoplay settings
  Manipulate Time Display
  Resume Playing
  Custom Borders
  Image or ad on pause


  Audience Segments
  Viewer Profiles
  Enagement Heatmaps
  Date Trend Report
  Device Usage Report
  Location Report
  Play rate report
  Completion report
  Viewer Report
  Conversion Report
  Exclude IP
  A/B Testing


  Turbo fast CDN
  Optimized Resolutions
  360 Support
  Resume Playing
  Use Any Source
  In-App Recording
  Send via email
  Share on social
  Interactive Cue Points


  Security encoding
  One-time access token
  Password Lock
  Whitelist Domains
  Viewer Report
  Conversion Report
  Access Monitoring
  Private Sharing

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