Features Added



  • Pay Per View Lock
  • WordPress Plugin
  • SEO Settings
  • Amazon SMTP & S3 Support
  • Fallback emed code
  • Email Validation for Optin Locks
  • New “flat-modern” player skin
  • Added watched less than % filter in audience segments
  • Allowed for easier use of already uploaded image assets

Recent Fixes

  • Improved Subtitles Management
  • Enabled Autoplay feature on mobile devices (muted)
  • Improved Google+ in Share Lock
  • Accepting more URLs as valid
  • Added support for multiple email autoresponders via HTML form integration
  • Pre and post roll videos improvement
  • Mass upload issues resolved
  • Wistia migration enabled
  • Numerous additional articles in the documentation
  • Custom site management improvements
  • Performance optimization for video loading speed
  • Enhanced time selection mechanism
  • License management improvements
  • Whitelabel subaccounts management
  • Splash screen management
  • No animation play button
  • Optimized image display and loading performance
  • Enhanced lock and overlay style management
  • iPhone full screen player
  • Amazon, Gmail, etc. SMTP
  • Playlist management and playing improvements
  • Floating player
  • Encoded video IDs
  • Optimized API responses for the application analytics

Known Issues

  • Cross-browser and cross-device optimization of display features and player controlers.

Upcoming Features

  • Whitelabel accounts
  • Feedback Implementation
  • Mobile Optimization

June brings several major improvements and enhancements to how you use vooPlayer. Here are some of the new additions we believe you will benefit from the most.

Pay Per View Lock

Newly added video lock allows you to charge people for watching your videos. We are excited to present you with an opportunity to directly monetize yours and others videos by creating and integrating a PayPal buttton inside of your video. To get started usign Pay Per View, all you need is a PayPal account and to get yourself familirized with the set up instructions.

We are planning to continue enhancing this feature so that a simpler and more versitile (Stripe, Braintree, etc.) integration can be facilitated. We are really looking forward and appreciate all user feedback regarding this new addition to the vooPlayer set of tools.

WordPress Plugin

Taking into consideration that WordPress has by far been the most prevalent platform on which vooPlayer is used we’ve decided to develop a plugin which will ensure better integration and more consistant performance on all different types of installations by avoiding certain theme and plugin conflicts.

The plugin can be downloaded and activated in our BETA version at this time as we are looking to gather feedback and ensure everything is working as expected before updating the WordPress plugin repository.

SEO Settings

In an effort to continually provide more value to your marketing efforts via vooPlayer, we’ve set some time aside this month to provide a set of tools that will help pages with vooPlayer rank better in search results. Newly introduced feature for SEO settings ensures that pages with vooPlayer now show with video thumbnails on search pages, which will accomplish two things. Firstly, your pages will now show in video search results as well as they will have a more promiment display in regular web search.

This feature is of course optional, turned off by default and can be enabled by following these setup instructions.

Email Validation Service

Undstanding that capturing valid leads is of the essence to vooPlayer customers we’ve integrated a validation service inside of email capture Optin To Watch Lock. This means that if enabled all emails attempted in the lock will pass a rigorous check to ensure their validity, resulting in false emails not being able to unlock your videos.

The service which boasts 95% reliability is disabled by default, but can be easily enabled in the Optin settings.

Coming in July… Whitelabel Accounts & Mobile Optimization

We have also been working on a new WordPress plugin for vooPlayer v4 (v3 will be supported also) which will ensure that vooPlayer videos will integreate seamlessly with your WordPress sites. We are just wrapping up the development process by testing out compatabilities, and expect to release the new plugin in the following month.