Features Added



  • Video resolution optimization
  • Whitelabel accounts
  • Introduced segment integrations
  • Subscription management email notifications
  • Ability to change the playback speed
  • Analytics reset
  • Funnel visual preview
  • New share display settings

Recent Fixes

  • Mobile playback fixes and improvements
  • Faster loading of player files
  • Splash screen generation
  • Improved embedding
  • Fixed SMART play features
  • Better overlay timing management
  • Replacing source of Videos
  • Fixed preview of Funnel Model
  • Sanitation of WYSIWYG editors
  • Vimeo API update
  • Safari full-screen display fix
  • Safari embedding fixes
  • Playlist buttons / lists improvements
  • Imrpoved custom site and domain management
  • Imrpoved style of the embedded popups
  • Fixed floating player issues
  • Improved v3 Migration
  • WMV support
  • MPG support
  • Subaccount fixes
  • Enhanced Segments Managemen
  • Performance optimization for video loading speed

Upcoming Features

  • Zapier Integration
  • Embedding Optimization
  • Popup Optimization
  • Further Performance Optimization
  • Feedback Implementation

Main focus in our July efforts has been on optimizing performance, stability and ensuring that everything works flawlessly. One of our values is that features and modules that vooPlayer offers are of no use unless the videos are constantly served fast and all the user interactions are as smooth as they can be. This is why we took some time away from developing new features and enhancing old ones (there was still some of that going on), to yield much better results and optimized viewing experiences; which I am happy to report, we accomplished.

Optimized resolutions

As the primary effort in optimizing performance we have implemented conversion of uploaded files to multiple resolutions, namely 1080p, 720p as well as 360p and are serving the best version in comparisson to the connection speed of your viewer.

This has had and will continue to have a tremendous positive impact on reducing bandwidth consumption and reducing load times for your videos. We are continuing to fine-tune the benchmark speeds as well as considering supporting additional, both higher and lower, resolutions.

Whitelabel Accounts

Subaccount licensing and vooPlayer reselling under your own domain has been awaited long enough. Finally, we are rolling out the ability to purchase and sell vooPlayer licenses which will be managed under your brand. This option will be enabled on Monday July 31st.

We know that a lot of you have been waiting eagerly to take advantage of this module and that’s why we’ve dedicated so much time into optimizing its’ processes. Please take into consideration that what we are realising should be considered a BETA stage of Whitelabel accounts as we are looking for your feedback into optimizing it even further. Currently, one sub account license can be obtained as a $10 monthly subscription, which will be a locked in rate for those who purchase licenses in this period.

Segment third-party integrations

As an additional convenience to leveragign third-party integrations with vooPlayer we have added the ability to connect intgrations directly from your audience segments. This will allow you to easily create a segment based on video groups, funnel answers and many other filters and then every time a new lead comes in, leverage a third-party integration.

Coming in August… Zapier integration, better embedding

One of the decisions made a month ago was that rather than trying to provide as many third-party integrations as we could, we will look to provide a vooPlayer application on a service such as Zapier which would allow you to utilize captured leads however you see fit. The draft has been completed, is going through final refinements and is expected to become public by the end of August.

We are also looking at different ways in which we optimize how videos and video popups are embedded so that faster loading and better apperance will provide you with more tools to capture attention of your audiences.